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We approach our business, product creation, and the ability to execute with the needs of our clients first.

In conjunction with this approach, we apply financial discipline and a belief that there is knowledge and understanding on every corner.

Recording Studio

Audio Networks

CMN partners with top-ranked radio stations across the country to deliver targeted audiences in the nation’s top markets.  Networks are primarily music formats that deliver Adult, Young Adult and Female audience profiles across various dayparts, with a concentration on drivetime.  CMN’s track record of accountability spans more than 15 years of helping advertisers achieve their marketing objectives.  

CMN’s audio network clients are predominantly Fortune 500 companies and our social search technology products reach across industry and geographic verticals for users that want to have an easy way to aggregate, search and filter social media.


The relationship with our clients starts with excellent products and outstanding service. 

It expands by continually developing new products and networks to meet their needs. 


Our clients include:  Home Depot, Macy's, JC Penney, Capital One, P&G, Ford, Autozone, and Walgreens (to name just a few). 

“Crystal is a significant and valued media partner.  The product, the service, the team are exceptional.  They are client centric and 100% dedicated to delivering results for advertisers.” 

—  Natalie Swed Stone 

US Director, National Audio Investment, OMD

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